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The biggest question I am asked is "Why does this happen?" My answer depends on whom I am talking to, but to be honest, I don't know. I am a hormonologist, not a sociologist, but I have many theories, and being a woman, my opinions are biased.

Unlike many of my colleagues, I believe this to be an intended natural process. Most feel that a small amount of copulin transmission during intercourse has the purpose of relaxing the male and helping the couple "bond". My argument is, "Then why should the female body create such a powerful hormone only to relax the male?" To me it makes as much sense as using a broom to brush your teeth.

No, I feel it is not only the intended process, but the required process to build a strong, loving relationship. I do not see it as chemical brainwashing as Dr. Ayallah has suggested in his thesis of October 2001. All males who have been exposed to copulins have reported feeling much better about themselves and their mates. Those males who were repeatedly exposed to copulins said they would not have it any other way now, and were quite happy to allow their female partners to "tailor" the relationship. Most expressed relief that the burden of responsibility was lifted and felt very little stress in their lives. I have other theories which I will not present here at the risk of offending anyone. But my final argument: As always with nature, if it exists it has a purpose. And that is science, my friends.